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In one week, I will once again be doing the Hike2Help Triathlon. Hike2Help was started in memory of Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald zt”l who was known for his tireless work on behalf of girls in the greatest need.

At Rabbi Greenwald's levaya, his sons spoke about how impossible it would be for any one person to take the Rabbi's place in Klal Yisroel, but how, if we each do our part, together we can do our best to fill that hole.

Hike2Help is our way of filling the void left by Rabbi Greenwald. We raise money for Camp Sternberg scholarships so girls from dysfunctional homes can go to camp and be in a safe, healthy, and loving environment for the summer. For many kids, camp is a luxury, but for girls in a home with sick family members, parents in the midst of a messy divorce, or an abusive environment, camp is a necessary respite where these girls can re-center themselves and gain the strength to deal with whatever is going on in their lives.

I know how strength and support I gained during my years in camp, and how much it helped me get through any struggles that I faced throughout the rest of the year.  I cannot even imagine how much more important it is for these girls.

Please give  these girls the financial support that they need to be in an emotionally supportive environment. Show them that you believe in them by giving us the ability to help them. Whether you can help by donating $1 or $100, you are showing them that people care about their welfare.

Thank you so much for your support.

Shaindy Pia Amster