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On July 17, I will Iy”H be participating once again in an Intensive Pioneer experience - THE TRIATHLON - by biking from Camp Sternberg to Indian Cliffs, hiking down Indian Cliffs, and canoeing down the Delaware for the worthy cause of sending a needy child to overnight camp.  My purpose is not the invigorating outdoor adventure, but rather to help raise money for the Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund, which will award a month in camp to girls in difficult family situations, who are also struggling financially.
Camp Sternberg is a uniquely inclusive camp.  In addition to providing an outstanding summer for many wonderful girls (my daughter and daughter-in-law among them), Camp Sternberg welcomes girls with personal challenges and/or those from disadvantaged backgrounds and gives them a chance to enjoy an exciting and refreshing camping experience with their more fortunate peers.  Far from isolating them in special programs, Camp Sternberg accepts these girls and allows them to feel "regular" rather than "special."  
Unfortunately the cost of a summer in camp is not cheap, and many families in crisis cannot afford the luxury of sleep-away camp for their daughter(s).  Camp is not a luxury, however, for a girl with a sick brother, a girl who recently lost her mother, or a girl whose parents are in the process of a tumultuous divorce, etc.  It is a respite from a painful reality; a chance to catch her breath while being supported and uplifted.  For a girl with a learning disability, camp is a much needed break from the stress of school, in a nurturing environment, where she can flourish and even shine.   The girls who need it the most should not be denied this opportunity solely due to lack of funds. 
I am asking friends and family to consider sponsoring me for this event. I have two ambitious goals – first to complete the triathlon (bike/hike/canoe) and second to meet my personal goal to raise $1,200 for the Scholarship fund. I would greatly appreciate your kind consideration by making a donation toward this goal. I personally know the administrators of this fund, and I can vouch that none of the money that is raised is going to overhead or for personal gain.  All donations are, of course, tax deductible.  
Thank you for supporting me and by doing so, helping needy children have a meaningful and summer.