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I am participating in Hike2Help, as a Zechus for Rabbi Greenwald ZTL. Raising money for Camp Scholarships was a cause very dear to his heart and he spent hours tirelessly working to collect sufficient funds for a needy child to go to camp. . I know from my personal experience that camp can be a life changer, as I was fortunate to have it be so for me. I believe that I would not be the person I am today without summers in Camp Sternberg, and Rabbi Greenwald’s vision, and for that I have tremendous gratitude.

This summer, I will be participating in an Intensive Pioneer experience by hiking down Indian Cliffs and canoeing down the Delaware for the worthy cause of sending a girl to overnight camp. The hike and canoe trip won't be easy, but neither is life for many children who are struggling with academic or social difficulties, a parent who is ill, divorced, financial difficulty...

My objective is to raise at least $750 by then and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Please contribute by clicking on the donate button now.

Thank you for supporting me and doing so, helping children have a meaningful summer