Where does the money raised go to?
The money you raise goes directly to the Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund. Money from the Camp Sternberg Scholarship Fund is used towards camp fees as well as other expenses incurred by scholarship recipients. Recipients are needy and deserving campers who would benefit tremendously from being in a camp environment, yet lack the financial resources to make that happen.
For a application or more information about HIKE2HELP scholarship – please click here.
I'm confused- What are the 2 tracks?
"The Pioneer Track" trip will take you on a guided 3-hour hike down beautiful Indian Cliffs in Tusten, NY. From there, it's paddling down the Delaware River on a 2-hour canoe trip. This trip will take about 6-8 hours.

"The Intensive Track" is a triathlon! Bike from Camp Sternberg before hiking the trails at Indian Cliffs and canoeing the Delaware River. This is a much harder track. 7-9 hours.

Both "The Pioneer" and "The Intensive" culminate in a gala barbecue at Camp Sternberg!
Is this event only opened to past alumni and campers of Camp Sternberg?
This event is opened to any girl above 15 or woman who likes to challenge themselves for a great cause. No connection to Camp Sternberg is necessary to participate.
Seems like a lot of parts to this adventure- Can you break it down for me?
Great Question - You will park in Camp Sternberg's parking lot - If you are taking part in the Intensive triathlon - you will bike to Indian cliffs. If you are participating in the Pioneer track - a bus will drive you from Sternberg to the beginning of your hike. The Indian cliff hike, which will be led by seasoned hikers, will go straight to the Delaware. We will have canoes from Landers waiting there to take you to the next part of your adventure - down the Delaware river. When you finish the Delaware run - a bus will be there to take you back to Sternberg for a gala BBQ.
How much (if any) training is required to participate in either track?
While no specific training is required, it is recommended that participants be in good health and reasonably confident that they can complete the described tracks with minimal to no assistance required. Consultation with a doctor to determine whether this trip is recommended for you, is also suggested.
What should I wear and bring with me?
Hiking shoes, leggings, water shoes that stay in your feet, hat and sun screen.
We will send out a more detailed email when we get closer to the Hike2help.
What if I have additional questions or concerns?
Please contact us at by clicking here. We are looking foward and here to help.
Will family members/friends be allowed into camp on the day of the hike?
Hikers only will be permitted into camp at the start of the day where they will either begin their bicycle ride or board buses for the 10 minute trip to the start of the hike at Indian Cliffs. Members of your support team will be allowed into camp at a designated time (approximately 5pm, exact time to be communicated at a later point) to greet and congratulate you upon your return to camp.
I haven't canoed in a long time/ever, will that be an issue?
We will be providing a brief tutorial at some point during the day before you begin the canoe portion of the trip. We will also have lifeguard, canoe staff, and medical personnel on hand, in the event that someone requires assistance.
Is there transportation provided from anywhere to/from Camp?
At this point there is no transportation arranged. However, if there is sufficient interest we will organize a bus from a location in NY. Please email and let us know if you would be interested in that opportunity so we can plan accordingly.
How many miles is the bike trip from Sternberg to the top of Indian Cliffs?
The bike trip from Camp Sterberg to the start of the hike down Indian Cliffs is approximately 5 miles and is anticipated to take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the level of physical fitness and training of the individual rider.
Can I join Hike2help if I will be in Camp Sternberg for the month of July?
Please email us at ihike2help@gmail.com to obtain clearance before registering.
Can you give me more information on the biking portion of the triathlon?
Participants who choose to participate in the biking portion of the triathlon will be expected to bring their bikes and helmets up to camp with them. They should be prepared to bike approximately 5 miles (taking 30 min-60 min depending on your level of fitness and training) to the start of the hike at Indian Cliffs where they will begin the hiking portion of their trip. Hike2help will assume responsibility for getting their bikes back to camp from Indian Cliffs.
Is there a minimum age for participants?
Yes, the minimum age for hikers participating without a parent/guardian is 15 and coming out of 10th grade.

Please note that we will be accepting a maximum of 10 unaccompanied teenagers. Acceptance is on a first come first served basis.
What is the schedule/timing of the day?
The very tentative schedule for the day is as follows:

‎ 9‎ am departure of bikers only, from Camp Sternberg
10 am bus departure of hikers from Camp Sternberg
12:30-1:30 lunch at the bottom of Indian Cliffs
1:30 launch of canoes
3:45 bus departure from conclusion of canoe trip back to Camp Sternberg
4:30 barbecue at Camp Sternberg