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One year ago, I joined the Camp Sternberg family. The love, unity, and genuine care for one another at Camp Sternberg is evident in every moment of the day. Over the last five decades, thousands of Jewish girls have been lucky enough to become Sternberg girls; Brave, bold leaders, committed to using their strengths to positively impact the world. As a program director at Camp Sternberg, I am determined to provide a fun and healthy Torah environment for Jewish girls to unlock their greatness and potential by discovering their abilities through leadership training opportunities, chessed, Torah, and endless purposeful fun. I'm thrilled to be at Camp Sternberg this summer, working to positively impact the lives of my girls, and hope that with your kind donations, several more girls will benefit from everything Camp Sternberg has to offer in coming camp seasons. Please help me raise the funds that will allow many more Jewish girls to join the Camp Sternberg family, discover their potential, and prepare to be future leaders of Klal Yisroel. Tizku L'mitzvos!