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I don't feel comfortable doing this noone likes to ask people for money..but I'm doing this in memory of Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald ztl whose camp I spent 9 summers in. Every year he would raise close to a million! dollars to pay for scholarships for girls to come to camp. These are girls from very sad unfortunate situations..I will post some. Camp would be an amazing time for them to forget all their troubles all the stress on their little shoulders and just have a chance to "run free" and be a kid. I know the people personally who are in charge of this organization and it would mean a lot to me if you can contribute something. no amount is too little! you can donate anonymously. Maaser can be used. Thanks for reading and tizku l'mitzvos!


" During this time period she was found in school not wearing a shirt for months. She was just wearing a coat due to the fact that she did not have clean uniform and the washing machine was broken"

This is directly from a application for a hike2help scholarship. This child is suffering neglect by her parents and is being shuffled around to different family members.

Please help support sending this girl to camp and others like her.
" I’m a single mother  raising 2 daughters alone. We ran away from my ex because he was violent. It was one thing when the abuse was directed at me but when his rage was directed to my wonderful daughters - that was the last straw. He started threatening me and my parents . I moved my family to another city and changed our names so he cannot find us. It’s been a rough year.  I want to give them a chance to get away from the craziness - even if just for one month."

 This is who you are helping when you donate!

Less then seven days left to donate!  Make an impact and change these girls and their families lives!