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Dear Friends,

On July 17th, I will be participating in Hike2Help to raise money for the Camp Sternberg Scholarship fund.  Although it will be a challenge for me to complete this event, I will be especially motivated by the excitement of knowing that it will benefit such a worthy cause.  I know what camp means because camp impacted my life in profound ways.

I am asking friends and family to consider sponsoring me for this event.  I have two ambitious goals: First, to complete the triathalon/hike/canoe and second, to meet my personal goals to raise $1,000 for the Scholarship fund.  I would greatly appreciate your kind consideration by making a donation toward this goal.  All donations are, of course, tax deductible.

With great appreciation,

Chana Goldman (Chep)
(Please see below to read about Camp Sternberg's role in my life).

**My Sternberg story began at age 7, when I came for Trip I, at an age so young that my counselors would patiently wash the shampoo from my hair after my attempts.  I spent 13 summers at Camp Sternberg, until age 21.  What happened in between, each and every summer, played a big role in forming the basis for who I am.  It is difficult to capture in words what Camp Sternberg did for me, and what Camp Sternberg means to me.
Camp Sternberg became my home for 15 years.  My entire life, and each school year, revolved around camp.  I was one of those girls who "lived for camp."  However, the extent of the impact that Camp Sternberg had on me was subconscious for most of my life, until Rabbi Greenwald suddenly passed away.  His passing struck me.  As I read and reread every article written about Rabbi Greenwald, the realization of his enormous impact on me, began to become very conscious.  Every facet of my experiences at Camp Sternberg was purposefully created by someone who intended to improve my life, to teach me skills, to build my character and resilience.  I was blown away.
As an adult, I recognize the work of Rabbi Greenwald at Camp Sternberg as a movement.  He had a formal vision of informal chinuch habanos, and I was a fortunate recipient.  He created an ideal Torah-atmosphere that was rich with purposeful fun, opportunities for growth, and acceptance.  Life at camp focused on internal values, not material acquisition, consistently, year-after-year, defying trends in the world at large.  A "Sternberg girl" is one who has experienced such a chinuch, and has imbibed it.  Rabbi Greenwald created thousands.
When I was invited to Sternberg several years ago, the year after Rabbi Greenwald passed, to lead the Sports Department, I tried it out.  After my first year back, in my position, I felt as though HaShem was giving me a tremendous gift and opportunity.  I was girded with an enormous amount of HaKaras HaTov and was amazed at the timing and the opportunity that HaShem had sent me to be able to take what I received and pass it on to the many current "little Chana Cheps" who would come my way.  And to boot, it was in the six weeks each summer, at Sternberg, that my love of sports was nurtured and many opportunities were created for me to shine on the court and field.  And thus, my Camp Sternberg story continues, where I continue to cherish the opportunities which it affords me.
Please consider sharing in my efforts to help perpetuate the righteous legacy of Rabbi Greenwald, so that as many children as possible, who can't otherwise afford camp but truly need it, can experience life with Camp Sternberg.
Chana Goldman (Chep)