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total raised:

In just 3 short weeks I will once again be participating in the annual Hike2Help triathlon, in an effort to raise money for a scholarship fund to enable girls from needy families and difficult home environments to attend camp in the summer.

As you know - competing in this event is not really practical for me - as they have not yet created scooters that can hike cliffs and canoe down the Delaware! :) 

So the reality is - I will not be biking, hiking or canoeing - as that is not a practical option for me at this stage in my life. But what Rabbi Greenwald and Camp Sternberg taught me is that we are all different, and we all have different strengths given to us by Hashem - and it is our responsibility to use OUR strengths properly.

So while I cannot hike, I can plan and organize - and will be spending my time taking care of the myriad of details that such a large event entails - thus saving Hike2Help the salary of an event coordinator.

As you probably know - I am not exactly an pushy person, and asking people to donate money is way out of my comfort zone. So why am I doing this?

Rabbi Greenwald taught me to look beyond externals, and to exceed expectations. He created Camp Sternberg as a place where your gashmius didn't matter, and all you had to do was believe in yourself and you could succeed. It sounds like a Never Never Land - but to me - for all those years as a camper (and staff member!) that's really what it was. The place I went where I could do anything, and no one thought twice about it! That was the power of Rabbi Greenwald - he created a world where it wasn't "amazing and inspirational" that a handicapped kid would want to attend and struggle through Campus, Pioneers, Heller and beyond - it was completely normal - I was just like everyone else - all my friends were doing it - why wouldn't I? Sternberg gave me the confidence to just be me - a regular teenager going to camp. And every single kid deserves that opportunity!                           

I am 100% sure that without Sternberg, I would not be the same Batya Feigenbaum that you know today, and without a scholarship fund, I would never have had the opportunity to attend Camp Sternberg. And so, I am asking you to please consider sponsoring me for this event, and help me give other girls the opportunity to change their lives forever!

Please click on my link - - to help make a difference!

Sternberg was a life-altering experience for me - please help me give others the same opportunity!

Tizku L'mitzvos and thank you!