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Anybody who is family with Camp Sternberg will tell you that it’s a place where it doesn’t matter where you come from, what your background is or who you are, everyone gets along with each other. It is a place where “nothing is impossible and everyone achieves it!” I am a Camp Sternberg Alumnus, and it was my summer home for many years. My favorite program in camp was Pioneers. Pioneers is a program that helps girls achieve goals and build self-esteem.  The program gives girls an opportunity to overcome their struggles and challenges. Girls learn to work as a team and it teaches the importance of Achdus. What made Pioneers so memorable was the outdoor experience. All of us slept in tents, built campfires, went hiking, canoed down the Delaware River. In addition, we got to experience Hashem’s creations and see the beauty all around you– “Ma Rabu Maasecha Hashem!”  Camp Sternberg prepared me for life. It taught me the value of Chesed, friendships, Yiddishkeit, and Simcha. I believe that I would not be the person I am today without summers in Camp Sternberg.


This summer, I will be participating in a Pioneer experience with Hike2Help at Camp Sternberg to help raise money for Camp Scholarships for a needy child to go to camp. I will be hiking down the Indian Cliffs and canoeing down the Delaware for the worthy cause of sending a girl to overnight camp. The hike and canoe trip won't be easy, but neither is life for many children who are struggling with academic or social difficulties, a parent who is ill, divorced, and financial difficulty.

My goal is to raise at least $750 by then and I hope you will help me reach this goal. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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Thank you for supporting me and doing so, helping children have a meaningful summer.