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How do you even begin to explain what Rabbi Greenwald meant to you?

I went to Camp Sternberg from the young age of ten years old.  I had been waiting for so many years to go to Camp Sternberg, as my older sister had started going 4 years earlier than that.  Right away, I felt at home.   I fell in love with the beauty of camp – the people, the spirit, and the spunk.  I met girls from all over the world.  I got to know girls from my own grade in school in a whole new way.  I  grew up in a frum, right wing YU family.  I grew up in a home infused with Torah and love and I went to the Bais Yaakov Elementary School in my community – but Camp is where I most connected with my Judaism.   I eagerly looked forward to every single aspect of camp, from the daily wacky activities to the meaningful shirium we would have each summer, and of course to the most beautiful Shabbosim I have ever experienced.  Camp is where I felt safe, where I got to 1,000% be myself !

People have been asking me all week how it was that I had a  close relationship with Rabbi Greenwald – and I keep saying – “It’s just who he was”.  I was a good kid, from a solid frum family.  I was not a trouble maker in camp – I did not come from a broken home – yet – Rabbi Greenwald took interest in me,  as he did everyone in camp, always greeting me happily with a smile that lit up his face and the entire room.

When I started Social work, I was about to start a new field placement working at Yeshiva Darchei Torah and Yeshiva Har Torah – my supervisors were both very actively involved in Nefesh (the frum  Orthodox mental health organization) and strongly encouraged me to attend the Nefesh  conference.  I was a bit intimidated, as a student pretty new to the field but I attended.  When it came time for the lunch hour – I wondered what I would do – who would I sit with? I didn’t yet know my supervisors, I had only interviewed with them.  Just as I was contemplating what to do – I saw Rabbi Greenwald walking down the steps.  Rabbi Greenwald immediately noticed me and warmly greeted me.   He said to me “come walk around with me”.  He spent the next hour introducing me to mental health professionals who were the top in their field – saying “ YOU don’t know Talya Rosensweig??! How could that be?!?!”.  He made me feel so instantly comfortable  and at ease in an otherwise intimidating situation!  He built me up in a supportive way, as he does with everyone around him.

The  summer before 11th grade -  my friends and I stayed for “post-camp” – we stayed after camp was over to cook for the Married-Staff families who used to stay for a couple days after camp to unwind and have some calm peaceful time with their families, after a hectic summer.  Rabbi Greenwald went above and beyond to make us feel like a million dollars! He sent us out for pizza, and tubing on the Delaware River.  On the last day of “post-camp” he invited us into his office and handed each of us a  tip of a $50 bill.  None of us had ever held such a large bill before .  He knew how to make everyone feel so appreciated and in such a fun happy way.

When I was a Division Head in Camp Sternberg, I once had a camper who lied on her application and pretended that she was a year older then she actually was.  At one point in the summer it came out that this was the case.  The camper had regularly been more of a “complaining” personality and had been bringing some kids down with her negative  attitudes.  Rabbi Greenwald requested a meeting with myself and the camper.  When we met with Rabbi Greenwald – the  camper was very nervous! He asked her – “how come you  didn’t tell the truth on your application??” She replied – “I don’t usually get along with the kids my own age, I’m not friends with the girls in my class, only with the girls in the grade above and I wanted to be in their bunk in camp. “ Rabbi Greenwald gave her a big happy smile and said “well I’m glad to hear that, because I’m 76 – so we will get along just GREAT!”.  He encouraged her to have a good attitude and told her he wanted to hear that she was smiling more and speaking more positively.  He followed up and came to say hello with a big smile to her throughout the week on multiple days at mealtime.

I looked forward every week to  when Rabbi Greenwald made Kiddush and Havdalah -  the look on his face of the pure nachas he had from every camper and staff member in the dining room was tremendous to watch.

I feel like I have had such a zechus by having this relationship with Rabbi Greenwald.  I look up to him on every single level.  He was one of the humblest, most sincere and kindhearted person that I have ever met in my life.  And when I say one of – I realize that I really mean the most.   Rabbi Greenwald was constantly involved in saving and helping klal yisrael – but he was never one to constantly boast and show off about all the tremendous work that he did.  When I first learned that Rabbi Greenwald was involved with presidents, and international spy trading and negotiations  I was SHOCKED. I would never have known in all my years of camp – that this same – smiling, charismatic, caring and fun person who ran our camp and set the tone, picking up garbage everywhere he went, and engaging with everyone in camp – could be having a suspense novel worth of adventures regularly.

I have been in Camp Sternberg for a very long time – and I have never – ever- heard anyone say an unkind thing about Rabbi Greenwald.  From the married staff, to the campers – everyone enjoyed his presence.   He made it so clear to every person how much he cared about them, his genuineness has always been clear to everyone around him.  

The approach of positivity, thought thoroughness, love, clear bitachon and siyata dishamaya and care – seeps everywhere in Camp Sternberg – and it is so clear that this approach came straight from Rabbi Greenwald.  It is how he treated every person, camper and staff member alike. Which led everyone else to treat others in the same manner.   I have a camper who told me when she was in 10th grade, that she did not realize that she had never felt loved her whole life – until she came to Sternberg and saw how loving and genuine the atmosphere and the people in the camp are.

I have so much hakaras ha’tov to Rabbi Greenwald for who I am today.  There will never ever be enough words, or ways, to express the tremendous way he has impacted and changed my life, and my family forever.   I feel I have had such a zechus by having the chance to know Rabbi Greenwald, A’’H.

On July 17th, I will be participating in Hike2Help to raise money for the Camp Sternberg Scholarship fund.The money is being raised in memory of Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald, A''H
All funds raised through Hike2Help will go directly to the Camp Scholarship Fund, which will be used to award a month in camp to girls who are dealing with difficult family situations who are also struggling financially.

Camp is not a luxury for a girl with a sick brother, a girl who recently lost her mother or a girl whose parents are in the process of a tumultuous divorce. It is a respite from a painful reality; a chance to catch their breath while being inspired and supported. Rabbi Greenwald ZT"L knew that – and created Camp Sternberg as a utopia, where girls from all backgrounds and family situations could join together for a summer of fun and growth. So many of us know firsthand the impact this had on our lives and on others. Hike2help is our opportunity to give that same chance to others, and pass on Rabbi Greenwald's legacy.

I am asking friends and family to consider sponsoring me for this event. I have two ambitious goals – first to complete the triathalon/ hike/ canoe and second to meet my personal goal to raise $2,000 for the Scholarship fundI would greatly appreciate your kind consideration by making a donation toward this goal. All donations are, of course, tax deductible.


With great appreciation
Talya (Rosensweig) Palgon

(Camp Sternberg from 1999-2014)