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I am a Sternberg camper at heart, always was always will be. Rabbi Greenwald was such a big part of my 9 years spent there, and helped form who I grew up to be.  He encouraged campers to come out their shells and not be homesick, and make lots and lots of friends.  He got onto the baseball field and let girls know that we could play baseball as well as any boy out there.  He listened to a few 13 years olds dream up a program, and them built it exactly how they described. He was scary when we misbehaved, but always doled out the appropriate punishment. And he also showed girls that maybe instead of having the propensity to be a klutz they could become a nurse. And then hired me 15 years later as camp nurse.  I see how camp changed my life, and continue to see the lives of hundreds of girls' lives change every summer over the last 8 years as a Sternberg nurse.  

Please contribute to help girls whose parents can't afford Sternberg attend Sternberg through this wonderful scholarship fund.