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Rabbi Greenwald helped to shape the life of thousands of girls who came to Sternberg. He believed in every single camper. Whether she had a physical handicapped, or had emotional issues. Whether she was from a broken home, or her family wasn’t religious, or she wasn’t religious. Whether they didn’t speak English, or didn’t want to speak because they were broken. Every single girl had a chance to flourish in camp. Programs were created and changed and reworked to include everyone. 

On a personal level he helped to shape my life as well. When he came out on to the baseball field and always hit the ball into far left outfield. When he listened to my friends and I, when we as 13 year olds helped create a new program. When he believed in a brand new nurse (literally hours after my boards). When he took the time to pay attention to my children, who to this day walk around camp picking up trash l’zacher nishamas Rabbi Greenwald. 

Please help me continue his legacy and allow girls to come to camp, for a summer that may very well change their lives too.