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rabbi greenwald's legacy
of caring about every individual!
Hike2Help is an adventure for people who enjoy challenging themselves in the outdoors while benefiting a worthy cause.

Begin your day by either biking or taking a bus from Camp Sternberg to the start of the hike. Hike down the scenic Indian Cliffs, an approximately 3 hour climb. The hiking portion of the day concludes at the Delaware river, where canoes, donated by Lander's River Trips, will be waiting for your use in your trip down the river. Return by bus back to Sternberg for a Gala BBQ under the stars.
Rabbi Greenwald
of caring about every individual!
New for 2018! Extend the excitement!
Come up August 13th at 5:00 PM and experience Pioneers again! Go from climbing Sternberg's 30 foot rock wall to dinner in Sternberg's Dining Room, with optional Night Activities of Campfire Kumzitz's and Night Swim in Sternberg's heated pools! It will be an adventure! As bunk living without indoor bathrooms might not be for all of us anymore, lodging is available for a reduced rate at the beautiful Catskill Mountain Resort ( which is conveniently located 10 minutes from Sternberg.

Support the scholarship fund and continue Rabbi Greenwald's legacy of caring about every individual - no matter who they were. Our goal is that no child will be turned away when they need camp the most.
Thanks so much for helping send our daughter to camp this summer. The ability to recharge away from a stressful home environment really contributed to her growth this summer!"
"We are amazed at how much our granddaughter gained from camp this summer. It was better than therapy! Thanks for making it happen.
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